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The Ascent Aspirations January 31, 2009

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Ladder image as signature graphic for Ascent Aspirations Magazine Main Page

Editor: David Fraser
Info: The Ascent Aspirations home page is an extension of Ascent Aspirations Publishing which is an independent press. It is also home to Ascent Aspirations Magazine, a combination of an Online Literary Journal published quarterly and a print magazine/anthology published semi-annually. The home web site is designed by David Fraser writer, editor, publisher, educator, consultant, and explorer of an eclectic variety of other stuff. Connected with Ascent Aspirations is Patricia Carroll – visual artist in paint and fibre, educator, consultant.
Since 1997 Ascent Aspirations has grown from a small electronic magazine that publishes literary, science fiction, fantasy, horror and  dark mainstream short fiction and poetry, essays and visual art into a major presence on the web and is now also a print magazine for two issues a year.
URL: http://www.ascentaspirations.ca
Institución: Ascent Aspirations Publishing
País: Canada



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