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#4 Revistas Impresas

Esta es una selección de las revistas impresas que incluyen secciones de poesía y que cuentan con páginas y archivos en la red.


The New Yorker

URL: http://www.newyorker.com
Info: The New Yorker es una revista estadounidense quincenal que publica críticas, ensayos, reportajes de investigación y ficción. Aunque se concentra preferentemente en la vida social de Nueva York, The New Yorker tiene una amplia audiencia fuera de esta ciudad debido a la calidad de sus periodistas. Es cosmopolita, con un carácter urbano acentuado por su sección Talk of the Town, cuyos comentarios refrescantes sobre la vida en Nueva York, la cultura popular y las excentricidades norteamericanas, y el seco ingenio de sus sketches y famosas viñetas. Mas..
Editor: David Remnick
Periodicidad: Quincenal
País: Nueva York – Estados Unidoss
Archivo Digital: Secciones disponibles gratuitamente y completas con suscripción..


Harper’s Magazine

URL: http://www.harpers.org
Info: Harper’s Magazine, the oldest general interest monthly in America, explores the issues that drive our national conversation through such celebrated features as Readings, Annotation, and Findings, as well as the iconic Harper’s Index. With its emphasis on fine writing and original thought Harper’s Magazine provides readers with a unique perspective on politics, society, the environment, and culture. The essays, fiction, and reporting in the magazine’s pages come from promising new voices as well as some of the most distinguished names in American letters, among them Tom Wolfe, Annie Dillard, Barbara Ehrenreich, T.C. Boyle, Jonathan Franzen, David Foster Wallace and Mary Gaitskill.
Editor: Roger Hodge
País: Estados Unidos
Periodicidad: Mensual
Archivo Digital: Algunas secciones son gratuitas; acceso completo a los archivos con suscripción.


In the Grove

In the Grove #16

URL: http://www.inthegrove.net
Info: In the Grove was founded by Lee Herrick in 1996. Since that time, In the Grove has proudly published established and emerging writers from California’s Central Valley and throughout the state. Each issue features nationally recognized, award-winning writers alongside vibrant new voices.
In the Grove publishes one issue per year. We stand apart from other literary magazines in two ways: first, our regional focus as one of the only publications for California writers, focusing on Central Valley writers (from Sacramento to Bakersfield); second, the range of our contributors’ backgrounds. We have published recipients of the American Book Award, the Academy of American Poets Collegiate Prize, and the Philip Levine Scholarship for Poetry alongside writers whose occupations run the gamut from counselor to wine maker to bouncer.
Editor: Lee Herrick
País: Estados Unidos
Periodicidad: Anual
Archivo Digital: Extractos


URL: http://magmapoetry.com
Info: Our aim is to promote the very best in contemporary poetry. Poetry that’s alert to the world we live in, that’s honest and above all, unexpected. It may come from previously unpublished or emerging poets or the more established. W
Editor: Cambia con cada número
País: Inglaterra
Periodicidad: Tres veces por año
Archivo Digital: Extractos de cada número


URL: http://www.wolfmagazine.co.uk
Info: The Wolf magazine was founded in April 2002 by James Byrne and Nicholas Cobic with a clear emphasis on publishing emerging new poets alongside more established writers.
Editor: James Byrne
País: Reino Unido
Periodicidad: Tres veces por año
Archivo Digital: Mantienen una versión digital paralela a cada número.


URL: http://www.ambitmagazine.co.uk/indexnew.htm
Info: Ambit is a quarterly, 96 page magazine which prints original poetry, short fiction, art and reviews. Ambit was started in 1959 by Martin Bax. Other editors include J.G. Ballard, Carol Ann Duffy, Michael Foreman, Henry Graham and Geoff Nicholson.Ambit is published in the UK and read internationally. It’s available through subscription and in selected bookshops and libraries worldwide.Ambit is a surreptitious peak inside a private world. Without it such vital sparks of inspiration could well be lost for ever.’
Editor: Martin Bax
País: Ingalterra
Periodicidad: Cuatros veces por año
Archivo Digital: Disponibles todos los ejemplares hasta el 2002 en:  http://www.poetrymagazines.org.uk/magazine/index.asp?id=3




URL: http://poetryfoundation.org/poetrymagazine/
Info: Founded in Chicago by Harriet Monroe in 1912, Poetry is the oldest monthly devoted to verse in the English-speaking world. Harriet Monroe’s “Open Door” policy, set forth in Volume I of the magazine, remains the most succinct statement of Poetry’s mission: to print the best poetry written today, in whatever style, genre, or approach. The magazine established its reputation early by publishing the first important poems of T. S. Eliot, Ezra Pound, Marianne Moore, Wallace Stevens, H. D., William Carlos Williams, Carl Sandburg, and other now-classic authors. In succeeding decades it has presented—often for the first time—works by virtually every significant poet of the 20th century.
Poetry has always been independent, unaffiliated with any institution or university—or with any single poetic or critical movement or aesthetic school. It continues to print the major English-speaking poets, while presenting emerging talents, in all their variety. In recent years, more than a third of the authors published in the magazine have been young writers appearing for the first time. On average, the magazine receives over 90,000 submissions per year, from around the world.
Editor: Christian Wiman
País: Estados Unidos
Archivo Digital: Se encuentra completamente disponible en la red.


URL: http://www.canlit.ca/
Info: In 2009 Canadian Literature will celebrate its 50th anniversary. Since 1959, five editors have shaped the content and development of Canadian Literature and the journal has grown and evolved, reflecting the changes in Canadian society and in literary studies. Scholarship has become more specialized, eclectic, and international, and so has the journal. More contributors are now women, and more submissions are concerned with women writers. Ethnicity has become a recurrent theme reflecting Canada’s increasingly multicultural population. The size of the journal has increased in order to accommodate the range of research and the much larger number of books being published in and about Canada. In 1988, Canadian Literature became the first and only journal to win the Gabrielle Roy Prize for best English book-length studies in Canadian and Québec literary criticism
Editor: Margery Fee
País: Canada
Periodicidad: Cuatro veces por año
Archivo Digital: Gran parte de los poemas y  de los artículos tiene una versión digital sin costo.


World Literature Today, Literature, Culture, Politics

URL: http://www.ou.edu/worldlit/
Info: World Literature Today was founded as Books Abroad in 1927 by Roy Temple House, a scholar of vision from the University of Oklahoma. He devised as the journal’s logo a full-rigged ship with the motto Lux a Peregre—“Light from Abroad” or (as we choose to interpret it) “The Light of Discovery.” While the journal has always served as a harbor for ships—foreign books—from abroad, it also functions as a lighthouse that reflects back the light it receives, for this has likewise been an essential part of our mission.
From a modest seedling of 32 pages in January 1927, Books Abroad grew to 256 pages by the end of its fiftieth year (Autumn 1976), and that year’s cover design reflected the completion of a significant circle. In January 1977 the journal became known as World Literature Today, reflecting the truly international range that its coverage and reputation had acquired. Now in our 82nd year of uninterrupted publication, WLT is the second-oldest such literary periodical in the United States, and we remain devoted to our mission of serving students, scholars, and general readers worldwide.
For years, a quotation from Goethe appeared on our masthead: “These journals, as they reach a wider public, will contribute most effectively to the universal world literature for which we are hoping. There can be no question, however, of nations thinking alike. The aim is simply that they shall grow aware of one another, understand one another, and, even where they may not be able to love, may at least tolerate one another.” Goethe’s words, first published in 1828, remain at the heart of our mission, even—or perhaps especially—in a world that has become increasingly globalized in the 21st century but remains fraught with national, linguistic, and political divisions.
Editor: David Draper Clark
País: Estados Unidos
Periodicidad: Bimestral
Archivo Digital: Extractos de cada número


URL: http://www.vallummag.com/about_us.html
Info: Critically-acclaimed as “one of the top literary magazines in the country”, Vallum is your gateway to the global poetry community.
Editor: Joshua Auerbach y Eleni (Helen)Zisimatos
País: Reino Unido
Periodicidad: Semestral
Archivo Digital: Edición especial para internet


URL: http://www.conjunctions.com/home.htm
Info: Bard College’s literary journal Conjunctions publishes innovative fiction, poetry, criticism, drama, art and interviews by both emerging and established writers. For over two decades, Conjunctions’ contribution to the literary community has been to provide a forum for the now over 1000 writers and artists whose work challenges accepted forms and modes of expression, experiments with language and thought, and is fully realized art. We have maintained a consistently high editorial and production quality with the intention of attracting a large and varied audience.
Editor: Brian Evenson y Bradford Morrow
País: Estados Unidos
Periodicidad: Semestral
Archivo Digital:  Extractos de cada número




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